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Client: Christoph Ronnisch

Date: 18.04.2022

About the project

This was a client project for a friend of mine who started a little side project as a photographer. He entrusted me with creating a logo for his photography project that made it very clear that he offered photography services, but it also needed a little personal touch.

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Sketching Process

Going for a monogram

We both agreed, that a monogram with his initials will be the perfect solution to add a personal touch to his logo. This was the first sketch I came up with. I liked it but quickly dismissed it as it lacked an element that connects to the aspect of photography. And the visual style was too sporty as well.


With this sketch I got a little closer to the final idea that I then used for the logo design. At that stage I was already thinking how I could connect his initials to the motive of a camera, thus the circular shape of the monogram. But since the lens of the camera is completely round, I gave the monogram some extra work, to fit it into the correct shape.

Finding the gold

The final sketch shows the concept I then presented to Christoph in its vectorized version - he loved it. I managed to incorporate the personal aspect of the monogram with the motive of a camera, by making the monogram in the circular shape of the lens. The great thing here is, that he can use the monogram as a secondary mark, when needed.


Christoph wanted some colors that reflect professionalism as well as some exclusivity. Although he just started out on his photographer journey, he had some great skills that he also wanted to be reflected in the color scheme. The combination of black and gold brought together the aspect of exclusivity and professionalism. Although black and gold are the primary colors for the logo, we added white as a secondary color that brings balance to the other two colors and adds an aspect of space and lightness to the design. This also reflects the space that Christoph creates so his clients can relax and take full advantage of working with him.


Font used

For the type I worked with the font TT Hoves. It ticked all the boxed we wanted it to. It is easy to read and as a san serif font it picks up on the aspect of exclusivity and professionalism as well as the minimalistic style we went with for the logo. However, as you can see on the picture, the top version is the type set with standard kerning. With the upper part set in the font weight black, the space between the letters is too small, making the letters blurry and hard to read from a distance. I adjusted the kerning between the upper and lower part to make the type easily readable and by giving it quite a wide spacing, it also emphasizes on the aspect of exclusivity. We see lots of logos of luxurious brands using this technique to make their logo embody this exclusivity.

Working with Phillip was great! He is creative, friendly and easy to communicate with. After providing him with the information from the design brief and a thorough discussion about what you want from your new design, he gets to work and doesn't disappoint. I loved the design the second I saw it and people who work with me constantly compliment my logo. I couldn't be happier!

Christoph Ronnisch


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